Eighteen-year-old Nicholas Allen is considered a once in a generation kind of student.

"Somebody like Nick doesn't come along very often," said Alexander Middle-High School Principal, Shannon Whitcomb.

In the small, rural school in the quaint village of Alexander in Genesee County, Allen is at the top of his class. But his rank of valedictorian with a 102 GPA could actually be considered a minor accomplishment. 

He also got a perfect score of 36 on the ACTs. 

"I took it and scored a 35 and I took it again to get the 36," said Allen. "It's just a test. It's nothing more than that."

Before Allen walks across the stage to receive his high school diploma, he'll be receiving two diplomas from Genesee Community College. He started taking college classes in the 7th grade.

"I'm on track to graduate with two associates degrees," he said. "One in computer information systems and then the other one is in physics." 

He also took 15 AP exams, many for courses not even offered at Alexander. He taught himself the material. They include: AP Physics C Mechanics, AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism, AP Psychology, AP English Language & Composition, AP Calculus BC, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP English Literature, AP US History, AP Music Theory, AP Computer Science A, AP Environmental Science, AP Micro Economics, AP Macro Economics, and AP Statistics. 

"A lot of these things are very interesting to me," said Allen. "It not only challenged me and gave me something to work towards, but I also oriented myself in what I wanted to study when I got out of high school."

His long-time school counselor, Allison Wilson, said Allen is a self-taught outstanding student.

"He has been the most amazing student I have ever worked with.This is a student who doesn't just rely on his smarts. He's also extremely humble. He's not arrogant to his peers," said Wilson. "He's really the full package and we're just so proud of him and so happy for him. Nick is far and above, far and above the rest." 

Academic accolades aside, his extra-curriculars are equally impressive.

He was the captain of his swimming, track, and cross-country teams. He also acquired working papers at age 14 so he could work as a lifeguard at Six Flags Darien Lake. 

"I'm so busy throughout the school year and then you get to summer and there's not much going on so I've got to keep myself busy somehow," he said.

In his spare time he enjoys volunteering to tutor younger students. 

"My parents raised me to try to be nice to everyone. Treat others the way you want to be treated," he said. "Not only is me helping and tutoring other students helping them to understand the concept, it also helps me solidify my understanding of the material and content."

Allen is also an accomplished musician. He plays the french horn, percussion and piano. He's composed several pieces of music played by his jazz band. He was the lead in his school musical and performed with a NAFME All National Honor Ensemble.

"It was the top 200 high school vocalists in the country and it was a surreal experience," said Allen.

Perhaps best of all though, he's really good person.

"He's kind, considerate, thoughtful. Very hard working, driven. He cares about other people. He wants to contribute to his school and community. He really is exceptional in every way," said Whitcomb. 

The Ivy Leagues agreed. Nicholas received acceptance letters from Harvard, Yale and a dozen other schools. He eventually decided on Princeton to study computer science.

"It was probably the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life," said Allen. 

He says he's nervous but even more excited for what's ahead. 

"I'm a big fish in a small pond right now. Coming from a small area like this you know everyone's name and you know all the families around here. There is a sense of community here that I really have appreciated and I hope to develop as I go off to college as well."

His incredible accomplishments have made his parents, Daniel and Susan Allen, very proud of his drive and determination.

"He's the kind of kid who always sets a goal, focuses on it, and will do whatever he has to do to accomplish it," said Allen's father.

His parents have this wish for their son's future.

"Hopefully he will find a place in the world where he feels he can make a difference and be happy at whatever he does," said Daniel.

Allen thanks his parents for supporting him, his teachers and coaches for pushing him, and his friends and peers for "making his life more fun." 

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