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Closings Registration

Closings Registration

Thank you for choosing Closing Central. This form will only register you for future closings. All fields must be filled out. Any incomplete registrations will not be processed. All information will be verified before you are added. If you are new, and have an immediate closing, please call our newsroom at (716) 849-2200.

NEWS THIS YEAR: Because of the high volume of closings caused by major weather related events, we can no longer accept and publish closing announcements from private businesses. Closing Central is focused primarily on school closings, after-school activities and other public organizations. Please consider alternative means to communicate to your employees, patients or customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Only ONE (1) organization per registration. If you have multiple locations, each registration needs to be sent separately. Your approval will be emailed to you. Please note, that businesses will now only be listed on WGRZ.COM.

If you were previously registered, your code/password information is still the same. Please make sure the appropriate people have the necessary information. Cancellations will NOT be accepted without the proper codes. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS! We will not be mailing/emailing out additional copies or new letters this year. For security purposes, we do not give out codes over the phone, so please keep your information in a safe place.

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