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Bills Backers of Boston ready for Saturday night

The group will gather at its usual spot in downtown Boston to watch the game - the Harp.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Bills backers bars across the country will be packed on Saturday, and the one in Boston is no exception. Bills fans who live in the heart of Patriots country are ready to cheer on the team this wildcard weekend.

Before the Monday night game in early December, 2 On Your Side talked with Kristen Salemi. She is the President of the Bills Backers of Boston. So we decided to check back in with her again.

This Saturday night, the group will be at its usual spot in downtown Boston - the Harp. They're expecting a huge crowd as always, including a lot of people originally from Western New York or with Western New York ties, like Salemi, and New Englanders who aren't Patriots fans and love the Bills. 

Salemi is hoping the cold weather is favorable for the Bills. 2 On Your Side got her take on how she thinks the quarterbacks will do this Saturday in the freezing temperatures.

"I don't think Mac Jones is gonna be prepared for the potential eight degree weather that we're going to be providing for him," said Kristen Salemi. "I think Josh will do great with the cold and no wind and coming from a chilly college situation I think will help him."

Since there will be a lot of Patriots fans looking for a place to watch the game, we asked Salemi what happens if a Patriots fan wanders into the Bills Backers watch party.

"We have that happen all the time. They're always confused because, you know, initially they walk in, they see the red, the blue, and they just make a beeline to look for a spot, and then they kind of, you can see them look around and they're like wait a minute, and they kind of do a circle and then head back out," says Salemi. 

Salemi met her husband at the Harp in 2011, and they have a daughter named Sophia who loves Josh Allen. Salemi is sure there are members of their group making the trip to Orchard Park this weekend, but says if you have friends and family in the Boston area and they want to watch the game with other Bills fans in Boston, everyone is welcome at the Harp.

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