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Frustrations continue over New York State school reopening talks

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says his office has heard from parents and teachers who are not happy with discussions about school reopening.

On a conference call with reporters Friday morning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave another update on New York's reopening.

During the update, Cuomo has mentioned that his office received calls from parents and teachers who were not satisfied with the reopening plans and the discussions happening with school districts.  

"School districts want to manipulate conversations. School districts want to stonewall conversations. It's gonna show up the first day. That school is supposed to open because the parents won't send their kids, and the teachers won't show up," Cuomo said. 

Governor Cuomo went on to say that it's important that the dialogues among districts, parents and teachers are just that in order for communities to safely move forward with reopening schools. 

Teachers in Buffalo have expressed the same sentiment. 2 On Your Side's Karys Belger spoke with Phil Rumore, the head of the Buffalo Teacher's Federation. He explained he had been hearing similar sentiments. 

Rumore says there are many questions about accommodations for students and teachers who are considered vulnerable and he does not believe the plan as it stands will be sufficient. 

"They've had since March here to put together something and actually listen to parents and say, 'Look at this what about this? What about that?' And then get their approval on this. We don't believe this district will be ready in any way shape or form at the beginning of September," he said.

2 On Your Side did reach out to the Buffalo Public School District for comment. A response is pending. 

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