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Last fall colors linger downstate, are past peak upstate

Peak fall colors arrive in New York City and Long Island, a sign that the fall foliage season is almost over.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — As peak fall colors arrive in New York City and Long Island, the fall foliage season comes to an end everywhere else across New York state. 

In the latest update of the ILOVENY Fall Foliage Map for Nov. 2 - 8, all of upstate New York is reporting that fall colors are well past their peak in many locations, signaling the end of the foliage season. 

The only exception is downstate where peak fall colors are arriving this week in New York City and Long Island. Portions of the Hudson valley also kept some of their peak color reported last week too. But give it about two weeks and even those fall colors will be past their peak as well. 

Keep in mind that these observations take into account the bulk of trees within a region. There will be pops of fall color across Western New York for one more week, but the best color expected this season is already over. This year's peak fall color arrived about a week or two early for Western New York this year, as it also began a week early as well. 

ILOVENY.COM's map is made through the culmination of visual reports from volunteer spotters and archived data from previous years.



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