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Remembering Celestine Chaney, 65, of Buffalo

Chaney was honored at Elim Christian Fellowship on Tuesday.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Family and friends said their goodbyes to Celestine Chaney on Tuesday. Chaney was one of thirteen people shot on May 14 at the Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue.

Chaney was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery after friends and family remembered her at her funeral at Elim Christian Fellowship in Buffalo.

The 65-year-old survived three aneurysms and breast cancer which inspired many people to wear pink to honor her. The pastor said not only was Chaney a hero because she engaged in heroic struggle, she was resilient.

"She was a very peaceful, sweet person and I feel like people should learn to be like that themselves," said Chaney's granddaughter, Kayla Jones.

Chaney's granddaughter says she hopes her grandmother's positive attitude can inspire others to lead positive lives especially when things aren't going your way in life.

"Just to keep the peace, and for the most part, you know, everybody should work on that and work on themselves and love themselves so they can be able to treat others better or with the respect they deserve," Jones said.

And, the pastor said not only did Chaney bounce back and battle everything she faced in life, he said she was a warrior. While he said she had a quiet spirit, he recognized that to her family and friends, she was the life of the party. 

He also said she was a hero because she was able to do extraordinary things, raise a wonderful family, and be a blessing to her grandchildren.

Her granddaughter has this message for the community.

"Just always having a positive attitude even when things are not going as planned in life just always, you know, smiling and keep pushing because, you know, one day, it could change," Jones said.

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