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Remembering Geraldine Chapman Talley who was about to become a first-time grandma

On Saturday morning she and her fiance spent nearly three hours at the Foot of Ferry.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Being by the water was Geraldine Chapman Talley's favorite thing to do.

Talley was one of the 10 people killed May 14 at the Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue. The alleged gunman was arrested on the scene and charged with first degree murder for what officials are calling a racially-motivated hate crime.

On Saturday morning, she and her fiancé spent nearly three hours at the Foot of Ferry.

Her older sister, Hattie Steele, remembers the first time they met Greg

"And my heart just started. Because something told me in my spirit that she had found the good me, and she did."

Gerri had just learned she was about to become a first-time grandma.

"She knew. So we are happy that she found that out," Steele said. 

As one of nine children, Gerri understood the importance of family, of love. 

After spending hours in her favorite place, with her favorite person, Gerri and Greg made a quick stop.

"And they would just stop just to pick up cold cuts to make sandwiches for the evening and it didn't work out."

After getting to the checkout, Gerri sent her fiance back for some sweet tea. 

"And by that time, he said that he heard some go, pow, pow. That's when the guy had made it in the store and was interacting with the security guard. And he said then he kept hearing, pow, pow, pow, pow. And he said bullets were actually flying over his head. And I do believe at that time my sister was already shot," Steele said. 

Greg hid in a freezer but by the time he made it out – his heart had frozen over.  

"Why? So we are all trying to find some kind of closure. And I know it's going to take a lot. It's going to take a while."

Right now, the family doesn't know how they're doing, or even what to do next. but they do know this about facing the man who took their sister, mother, and soon-to-be grandmother.

"First I would say only God can have mercy on your soul right now. I don't have it in my heart right now to forgive him. But I do know. I do know in time I do."


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