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Local vet describes the possible cons of ear-clipping

Few veterinarians offer the ear cropping procedure.

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. — The recent case of a Niagara Falls man accused of cutting the ears of seven puppies is bringing up many questions about the practice. 2 On Your Side went to a local veterinarian, Dr. Susan Wylegala to shed some light on the topic.

Dr. Wylegla is a veterinarian at the Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital. She tells 2 On Your Side that the practice is legal as long as it's performed by a licensed veterinarian. 

The problem is fewer doctors are offering the service. Wylegala will not perform the procedure, but she will make a recommendation if the owner of one of her patients makes a request. 

"This is a painful procedure. So in order for it to be done correctly, these puppies are under anesthesia. They have intra-surgery, post-surgical pain control," she said. 

Dr. Wylegala also says some dog owners still look to get the procedure done to give their dogs a certain look. 

"It’s because they own a breed, where the breed standard is that the ears are cropped. So Dobermans, pit bull breeds, schnauzers," Wylegla explained. 

"It does impart a more aggressive look to the dog. So I think you’ll still always have people that are going to look for it to be done," she added.

There are some who have argued doing the procedure to avoid ear infections, but Dr. Wylegala says those arguments don’t appear to be valid. Overall, she says, anyone who hears about unlicensed individuals cropping ears should report the person. 

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