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2 New York lawmakers say they have plan to restart state economy

Senator George Borello (57th District) and Assemblyman Andy Goodell (150th District), both Republicans, submitted a plan for a 'phased-in' reopening of New York.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Two New York State lawmakers say they have a plan to restart the state's economy.

Senator George Borrello (57th District) and Assemblyman Andy Goodell (150th District), both Republicans, have submitted a plan for a "phased-in reopening of New York's economy."

The plan relies on a regionally based model that would determine the risk level on certain factors, such as population density, infection rate and health care capacity. 

The geographical template for this plan would be using New York State's existing 10 Regional Economic Development Council zones (REDC). 

Each zone would be evaluated based on infection level, hospitalization utilization, demographic and trend data, such as the increase or decrease in number of active cases.

“Almost like a horror film, the COVID-19 pandemic invaded our world seemingly overnight, and in so doing, changed life as we know it. While our battle with this insidious virus isn’t over, the strength and unity of New Yorkers in meeting this challenge has been extraordinary, helping us ‘flatten the curve’ and ease infection rates in many of our hardest hit downstate areas,” Borrello said in a released statement.

“However, an economic crisis has been unfolding alongside our public health emergency. The shuttering of our businesses has resulted in staggering job losses – 1.2 million residents filed for unemployment over the past five weeks, four times the total number of jobs lost during the Great Recession of 2008.”

“While New York is one state, we cannot ignore the reality that there is a huge gap between infection rates in New York City and its surrounding counties and rural areas of upstate. For example, in Chautauqua County we currently have four active cases and a substantial drop in the number of people in precautionary quarantine. That is just one example, but it is illustrative of the experience of many rural areas,” Borrello added. “Under the plan we are advancing, economies in regions like this could be safely restarted by following safety protocols, putting people back to work and saving many small businesses from having to close their doors forever.”

“Each day that passes puts us in further economic jeopardy. While the governor’s statewide edicts have been done out of an abundance of caution, we cannot restart our economy with the same ‘one-size-fits-all’ process,” Assemblyman Andy Goodell said. “The impact of this pandemic on the various regions of our state has been vastly different and a common-sense plan needs to be tailored to fit the level of risk.”

The lawmakers submitted their plan to New York State Commissioner of Tax and Finance, Michael Schmidt, who will be part of the Governor Andrew Cuomo's team working on restarting the economy. 

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