Joe's Deli has been tapped to open a spin-off of their restaurant inside the new Oishei Children's Hospital.

"Offer them something fresh and homemade," Joe Lyons, the owner of the restaurant, said. "They don't have to leave the hospital and search out for that. We have it right here."

Joe's Deli is a soup and sandwich shop with three, now four, locations around Western New York.

"Our other location on Elmwood Avenue, which is right near the current Women and Children's, has been a fan favorite of a lot of the staff there," Lyons explained.

Joe's Elmwood location is about a five minute walk from the old hospital.

Joe's inside Oishei is an even shorter walk now, located near the pathway to Buffalo General on the second floor.

For returning customers, their menu will resemble much of their Elmwood spot, with a few tweaks.

"It's a little unique from our other options," Lyons said. "So we will have a quick service grab and go to start off if somebody's in a very extreme rush that needs it quickly," Lyons stated. "We also have a fresh salad station that has 18 to 20 ingredients and proteins that they can chose from each day."

They will have entrees each day, too. And four homemade soups, including their cure-all chicken noodle. They will also have 16 sandwiches made to order.

Lyons, who was actually born in the old Women and Children's hospital, says it is an honor to provide nourishment here.

"We are here to make it a little bit easier on the staff and the families and whatever is going on at that point," Lyons said.

Joe's Deli inside the hospital will be open 365 days of the year from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

In addition to Joe's, there is a Tim Horton's located on the first floor of the new hospital.