Every now and then you check social media and it's like opening a closet packed with too much junk and you just get bombarded. This is the feeling I got when I first saw the Yanny and Laurel debate.

It seemed like everyone was losing their minds over it and as much as I wanted to ignore it--it's pretty hard to avoid and my curiosity got the better of me.

If you haven't heard about it yet, an audio clip has been making the rounds and for every person who is sure that the voice is saying "Yanny" there is someone who will fight to the death to convince you that the voice is saying "Laurel."

Then, there are some people who have heard it both ways!

Thank you, Internet. Our brains hurt. We should all probably go read something, or get a hearing test or both.

Listen along with the Daybreak team. Do you hear what they hear?