Buffalo, NY — The corn stalks are the highest they've been in years for some local farms, and in some cases almost double when compared to last year.

"Ten, twelve feet tall," Dan Pawlowski, the owner of Pumpkinville in Great Valley.

And many more people are getting lost in the harder corn mazes this year.

"Had many people having difficulty... maybe sneaking out the back side and walking down the road," Pawlowski said.

A combination of a wet summer and overall dry and warm fall helped the corn grow so well.

"Once September hit we started to get the heat and... moisture and heat that's what grows corn," Pawlowski said.

In case you forgot how the corn pollination and growth process goes, Pawlowski briefly said, "It's pollinated by the tassel.. it falls into the field and comes onto the corn silk, and that silk when it's pollinated, is what makes a kernel on your corn."

This weekend is the last weekend many corn mazes are open.