CLARENCE, N.Y. — Visit Tay's Cakery on Instagram or Facebook and you'll see picture after picture of adorable cakes and cupcakes. They're shaped like unicorns, bears, and a lot in between. 

Taylor Henderson from Clarence started making and selling cakes when she was just 12-years-old and has been getting quite a bit of recognition since then: two young entrepreneur awards and a certificate of recognition from the New York State Senate. 

"It's really nice to see when it comes out," said Taylor, explaining her love for making custom cakes. "Because you put your everything into it."

Considering the caliber of her creations it might seem hard to believe that she only started doing this about a year ago. She just turned 13 on Wednesday.

"I feel awful," said her mom, Laurie Henderson, with a laugh, remembering how Taylor started on her cake-making journey. "When she wanted to make scratch stuff, I discouraged it, because I knew how much work it was. I'm so glad I just let her do it, and she hasn't stopped."

Laurie says, over the past year, Taylor made 121 cakes and nearly 1,356 cupcakes, "We're very proud."

"I do a lot of dishes," she added with more laughter.

Taylor's cakes are so popular, we're told she's booked through the month of July.

"We definitely want it to stay fun and enjoyable," explained Taylor's mom. "So we limit how many orders she does each week because it could very easily become overwhelming."

Taylor and her family say her success is even sweeter thanks to the hardships she overcame.

"Two years ago, I was struggling through school," said Taylor. "Struggling with friends and grades. And then at the end of the year, we found out I had dyslexia. At that point, I just felt defeated...just didn't really know what to do."

"Once we found that out and started getting her the help she needed," added Laurie. "Then she was really looking for something to do for fun and for personal enjoyment."

That's when she started baking and her cake making business was born.

"She is a different kid," said Taylor's mom with a smile. "The way that she has come into herself and her confidence. She feels secure in who God has created her to be."

Taylor openly shares her struggles with her customers or anyone who asks. She hopes it will help other kids who might have similar struggles.

"There was one time where one lady came," remembers Taylor of a customer picking up an order, "and she asked how I got a started. I mentioned my dyslexia and how that affected me. She said, 'Oh, my goodness. I think my son's like that.' We just talked about it and I told her about where I go for my dyslexia and she literally started crying in our kitchen."  

Taylor says, out of gratitude for her success, she's giving back to the Circle C Ranch. This is a Christian camp in Delevan that Taylor says helped her get through some of those tough times.

She tells 2 On Your Side, every time she makes $100 in the sale of her cakes and cupcakes, she puts aside 20-30% to donate to the camp, so that kids who can't afford it can participate.