BUFFALO, N.Y. – It’s peak pothole season in Western New York.

We know road crews need dry weather before they can repair the potholes, so instead of asking when they’re going to be fixed, 2 On Your Side asked our viewers to sound off on the worst areas to drive right now. Take a look at our map below that showcases 40 trouble spots throughout Western New York.

Here is our top five most pothole-filled roads, according to viewer feedback.

Number 5: Hertel near Niagara Street in the City of Buffalo

Many of you mentioned several areas along Niagara between Hertel and Ontario.

A pothole just off of Hertel by the Black Rock Road viaduct caused a flat tire Sunday.

Number 4: Stretches of Wehrle in Cheektowaga

Viewers says Wehrle between Harlem and Aero is the worst section, which led 2 On Your Side to an area behind the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

We found a stretch that's nearly unavoidable if you don't want to swerve into oncoming traffic.

Number 3: Dorrance Ave. off South Park Ave. in Lackawanna

This very specific street was mentioned by several people, and our cameras caught a fairly large pickup struggling through one major pothole at that intersection.

Number 2: Stretches of Lake Avenue from Blasdell to Orchard Park

"The potholes on this road have got to be this deep, it's unbelievable, Erie County man, do something!" one frustrated driver shouted at our news crew.

Lake Avenue is where Channel 2 collected probably the most visual evidence that parts of the Southtowns are indeed full of pothole filled roads with many cars having no choice but to go through them.

Number 1: Dodge Road in Amherst

Dodge was the most complained about road on social media. Sections included Hopkins and North French, but the worst section Channel 2 drove over was in Getzville near Transit and at Millersport.

Protecting your car and yourself

AAA spokesperson Mark Miles, a fleet assistant manager, says cars are built to handle the shock of potholes, but sometimes, like when one is particularly deep, a car can get damaged. He also said speed is your worst enemy, and that a car should be able to handle potholes as the posted speed limit.

"It could damage first your tires, wheels, suspension parts…and that adds up,” Miles said.

So what should you do if you sustain damage? AAA says take a picture, know the address and whether it's a state, county, or town road, and consider making a police report.

"The most important part is, even if you see potholes, you should report them. That's part of the claim process being successful is getting monies reimbursed,” Miles said.

There are different ways to report potholes. For example, Erie County has a report portal online, and the City of Buffalo encourages you to call 311.

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