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Homeowner's land sinks into a creek in Royalton

The homeowner's truck and trailer fell into the creek Wednesday.
Credit: WGRZ
Emergency crews in Niagara County are working on what appears to be a sinkhole/eroding soil near Tonawanda Creek.

NIAGARA COUNTY, N.Y. — Emergency crews in Niagara County were at the scene of a home on Tonawanda Creek Road in Royalton Wednesday afternoon after the homeowner's land started sinking into the creek. 

According to the Rapids Fire Department Chief, the homeowner's truck and trailer fell into the creek, and said that the garage is slowly sliding into the creek as well.

One person was inside at the time but was able to get out safely.

"This is something that we don't see every day, we train for a lot of unknowns. We had a similar call on the Erie County side of Town Awana Creek a few years back, an adult homeowner there also lost their home. We're helping the homeowner the best we can and getting as much of his belongings as we can out of the structure and out of the way of the immediate danger. " 

The fire chief said the garage behind the home is still slowly sinking into the creek as well and the house is in imminent danger of falling too.

Crews have done all they can to stabilize the home and engineers will need to be brought in to determine if the house can be saved. 


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