Each time a baby is born inside the new John R. Oishei Children's Hospital, the hallways of the hospital will be filled with the sounds of a song.

But it won't be just any song. It is a unique and local arrangement of Johannes Brahms' "Lullaby".

"The thought of being the first sound that a newborn baby would hear...is just an amazing thought," Krista Seddon said.

Seddon is the Director of Ensembles at Trinity Episcopal Church. It is her take on the Brahms' classic that babies born at Oishei will first hear when they enter the world.

Seddon is the winner of a contest the hospital launched this fall, searching for a special rendition of the song. 75 contestants were narrowed to 13 who were then narrowed to one.

"I wanted to honor the piece and play something that was very soothing for the parents, the grandparents and the attendants...and of course, the baby," Seddon explained.

From voice to violin, group compositions to solos, there was a diverse selection of arrangements. Seddon's, played on the piano, won the hearts of the judges.

Seddon wanted to bring the music into the 21st century with a different key and a jazzy touch.

"I modulate and then come back to A," Seddon said. "I was thinking about the child as they grow up...just in two pages of music."

Seddon said she actually grew up playing the lullaby and it took her only a couple of days to compose her version.

She said, at times, she can't get through a performance of the piece without tearing up, recognizing the magnitude of the moment each time this song will play.

"Buffalo has such a rich cultural and musical heritage and to think that they would make this a priority to want to give the babies the best music they could," Seddon said.