Thirteen Buffalo Public Schools are opening up their buildings, two Saturdays a month, for community learning events.

South Park High School is one of the locations where this is happening.

The event starts at 9 with breakfast. Then the crowd breaks out into classes ranging from hip hop to financial literacy to engineering. It ends at noon with a free lunch.

The event is part of the superintendent's new education bargain, using the space that normally would sit sit empty over the weekend and giving the community an educational and free activity.

"What we found is that many of our families were struggling to find free and engaging activities," David Mauricio, with the Buffalo Public Schools, said. "We wanted to tie them back into the learning that happens Monday through Friday. A lot of people looking for things to do on the weekends. Money can be tight and the winters can be long, so we decided to open up our buildings."

Administrators are keeping track of who comes to the Saturday events.

In the coming months, they plan to observe how the students who are attending Saturdays do in school.

They are hoping to see better graduation rates, attendance and behavior.

Anyone from the Buffalo community is welcome.

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