BUFFALO, N.Y. — Kimera Lattimore has been singing since she was a little girl. It's her passion and you can say it's in her blood.

"Both of my parents are musically inclined. My father passed when I was 9, but he was an incredible singer. He sang in a group called Process and the Doo Rags, which was a group based out of Buffalo and they were produced by Rick James," she said while wearing a necklace with her dad's picture inside the charm.

Kimera Lattimore

Lattimore's career took off when she graduated from The Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts. 

"I toured with a couple of people. I did background vocals for a lot of people and I sang in a group called For Love," Lattimore said.

Writing songs is what makes Lattimore stand out. Her lyrics have a point, "substance, truth, authenticity," she said. 

It's very apparent in her latest single called Lipstick. 

"It's about putting on, whatever you were putting on, on a regular day. I'm saying basically put on your courage. It's an analogy to put on your courage and bravery to make it through the day," she said.

A self-described introvert, Lattimore admits she prefers "the small things in life, I don't need a ton of money. I need enough to get through. I like purity and happiness and all the things that don't come with the name and lights of fame."

She is the music director at Renovation Church in Buffalo and she also teaches music. 

"The definition of power is the ability to provoke change, that's what singing does for me," Lattimore added.

Kimera Lattimore

You can catch Kimera perform at the Lipstick Unplugged - Encore Performance on Friday, May 3, 2019, at 6 p.m. at The Aud on Hertel, 567 Hertel Avenue in Buffalo.

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