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Mother battling cancer will get wish for family sleepover

"I can't believe Mr.Salvatore is opening his hotel to us and allowing me to have the sleepover of my dreams"

A mother in Lancaster is getting a special Christmas wish from the 'City of Good Neighbors'.

At just 33 years old, Ryan Kania, is fighting an aggressive form of cervical cancer. Kania is apart of a tight-knit family that bonds over playing board games together.

"She loves competition, she likes to be the best and works hard to be the best," said Ryan's mother, Laurie Erhardt.

"We love to play board games. Yahtzee is my specialty," said Kania.

When asked if she wanted anything this holiday season, it only made sense that she asked for a good ol' fashion sleepover with her family.

"I just wanted us all to be together to make some last memories," said Kania.

When the community heard about Ryan's wish, Hope Rises News reached out to the family to see what could be done to make it come true.

"The amount of people that have come forward to offer hotel rooms, limo services, anything that we could do for Ryan to make it special," said Ryan's sister Ami Jiang.

Russell's Steaks Chops and More will host Ryan and her family for dinner and an extravagant sleepover party on Thursday. The family will also see Christmas lights in a horse drawn carriage.

"I can't believe Mr.Salvatore is opening his hotel to us and allowing me to have the sleepover of my dreams," said Kania.

"What started as small sleepover is now going to be a wonderful family memory for all of us," said Erhardt.

Ryan's family is keep their strength and optimism going into the holiday season. "If anyone could beat this, it’s Ryan," said Erhardt.

"It's one day at a time, I get up and I keep fighting," said Kania.

"Thank you to everybody who's done something and donated to my Go Fund Me page and come to my benefit and just shown support. It truly is the city of good neighbors and I thank everybody," said Kania.