ORCHARD PARK, NY- The more than 7,000 participants in the Ride for Roswell come in all ages and skill levels, among them is little 9-year-old Sydney Dobmeier of Orchard Park.

"I like doing it because I know that it's helping people by raising money and also I love to get out and ride my bike," she said.

Sydney's very first Ride for Roswell was on a pink bike with streamers and training wheels when she was only 5-years-old. Her parents participated the year before and Sydney asked to join them.

"She was brand new to riding a bike. She hadn't been riding it very long and there's a lot of people that ride. The the roads were kind of curvy and hilly and it was terrifying but we knew we were doing such a great thing- that she was participating in such a wonderful charity and organization," said Sydney's mother, Kristin Dobmeier.

This year will be Sydney's fifth ride, and in that time she's raised more than $12,000.

She fills up her piggy bank all year round with money from her chores and the Tooth Fairy. She makes and sells crafts, holds bakesales, collects cans, and at her birthday each year, she asks her friends to donate to Roswell instead of buying her presents.

Sydney has the support of her 3rd grade classmates at Eggert Road Elementary School. Her teacher, Brian Muffoletto, is the one who nominated her to be a Channel 2 News "Great Kid."

"She is a very quiet, humble leader. And she's remarkable, too, because she sets examples for the other students and the students in my class really look up to Sydney," said Mr. Muffoletto.

This year, Sydney will be riding the 10 mile course and is a youth captain for the West Herr Team. She says as she rides, her eyes are on the road, but her heart is with those fighting cancer.

"I think about that when I'm riding and it makes me feel good and it makes me go faster and push towards my goal."

Sydney is well on her way to her $4,000 goal this year. To visit her fundraising page and learn more about Sydney, click here.

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