BUFFALO, N.Y. — As students and families of the Lewiston-Porter School District drove by the campus this summer, they've probably noticed construction vehicles. With school back in session Tuesday morning, the work will continue on the district's $9.25 million capital project. 

The district made significant upgrades to its science labs in both the middle school and high school. The high school will also be getting a new school counseling suite and commons area with a school store and concession facilities, giving it a college feel. 

Other than the physical construction, the district is also adopting a new code of conduct policy this year. It will eliminate in-school suspension as a disciplinary tool. 

"Students need to know that school is an inviting place. Not a place that's coercive," said Superintendent Paul Casseri. "We want them to make good choices, do good things, choose great classes. We're really excited about hopefully trying to help students understand and change their behaviors instead of that crime and punishment approach to student management."

The board is expected to officially adopt the new code of conduct at a meeting Tuesday night. 

As for the construction projects, the district was originally hoping to have the construction projects complete by the start of the school year. They're now hoping for the grand opening to take place in during the school's homecoming week in October. 

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