On the corner of Main and East Spring in Williamsville sits a restaurant that is all about sharing.

"A shared experience of food, good conversation, wine, craft cocktails." Joel Schreck, the restaurant owner said.

The restaurant is appropriately named "Share Kitchen and Bar Room" and the concept behind the restaurant was born from Schreck's own dining preference.

"The experience really came out of my wife and I," Schreck explained. "We go out to eat, we never order our own plates. It's always she starts with one, I start with one and then we switch."

That is what Schreck hopes restaurant patrons do at his place.

Share has been open for about a year and a half, but this month, it will make its first appearance on the list of participating restaurants in the bi-annual "Local Restaurant Week".

We're going to offer three different options," Schreck said about his restaurant week menu. "The $20.17 option, the $30.17 option and the $40.17 option."

For the $20.17 option, you get the choice of one salad and one small plate. For salads, you can choose from a grilled romaine heart or eggplant caprese. For small plates, there are a few more options including their popular "The Ball" house meatball and cheddar tots.

For the $30.17 option, you pick one salad and two small plates.

For the $40.17 option, you get one salad, one small plate and one entree. For an entree, there are options of chicken cutlets, beer can chicken or Orecchiette pasta with sausage and rapini.

Alcohol is not included in these prices.

Schreck said they are excited to be part of local restaurant week this time around and share their food and dining experience.

Local Restaurant Week runs October 16 through 22.

You can see a full list of all the participating restaurants here.