Perched on the corner of Prospect and Old Falls Street in Niagara Falls sits the food truck "Mother Cluckers".

"So the name came from...well this was back home in London," Sham Ahad, Co-Owner and Chef at Mother Cluckers, said. "Me and my friend were sitting in a bar like we always do. He asked me what I sold the most of in the states and I told him chicken."

Sham and his wife Janel co-own Mother Cluckers...where they are still selling a lot of chicken.

The truck dishes up a handful of flame-grilled foods, with one unique flavor running throughout.

"So it's a deeply flavorful sauce that has peppers and onions and what makes it unique is the African bird's eye chilies," Janel explained. "So its got great flavor and a little bit of a punch, as well."

The name of the favor is "peri peri".

"My husband is from London, the U.K., not Ontario," Janel began. "[Peri peri] is widely popular in the UK. There's a few restaurants that serve it up over there and we just...I fell in love with the flavor. And we decided hey, let's bring it to Buffalo...Niagara Falls."

You will find peri peri in almost all of the items at Mother Cluckers including their "dirty corn" and, of course, their peri peri chicken.

"So it's a chicken leg with yellow rice and beans," Sham explained of the dish. "Mix it together and fresh cut coleslaw. We do all our sauces and ingredients. Everything fresh and local as well."

The truck is a downsize from the restaurant they previously ran in the Falls called "Parkside Bar and Grill".

They keep only a few items on the menu at a time and the menu changes every couple of weeks.

But the constant you can count on is the peri peri and of course, the chicken.

Mother Cluckers is open everyday of the week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

You can find more information on their Facebook page.