You know them for their tacos, but now one of Western New York's favorite food trucks is branching into the ice cream business with "Churn".

"We decided to do a sister brand," Peter Cimino, co-founder of Lloyd and Churn, said. "Something that would really truly compliment Lloyd and also be something unique to Buffalo."

It is a part ice cream shop and a part coffee shop.

They are keeping the Lloyd mission alive to make the best possible products with the best possible ingredients.

"We wanted to make sure that we let people know that this is something truly different," Cimino said. "We're making the base from scratch, in-house every single day, with local pastured milk from Ithaca, New York."

Churn plans to stand out from other ice cream shops by it's flavor profiles. Take the Michele Ferraro, for example. They swipe the inside of a homemade waffle cone with Nutella and then top the ice cream with golden roll sprinkles, house roasted hazelnuts and house-made dark chocolate sauce.

"A lot of this is just straight-up scratch baking," Cimino said. "So with the exception of like pretzels that we're bringing in, we're making all of our own toppings in house and we're curating cones and that's really the focus of the menu."

The store sits along Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo, right next door to Lloyd's first stand-alone taco shop.

It is surrounded by other new developments like the second Lexington Co-Op location.

Cimino said it has been exciting to be a part of Hertel's growth over the past few years.

"I just didn't understand why the commercial strip didn't match the residential density here," Cimino added. "I know people wanted more on Hertel and it's so great to see it almost reaching its true potential."

As far as what is next for the Lloyd team, they said they may get back to their food truck roots and take Churn on the road as an ice cream truck.

Churn is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. It is located at 1501 Hertel Avenue.