East Aurora, N.Y. — Along an unassuming strip mall in East Aurora, there is a pharmacy, a nail salon and then, in big, bold letters, there is "TACOS."

"Left Coast Taco is just a Southern California inspired taco shop," Nathan Root, co-owner of the taco shop, said.

Don't let the sign fool you, though. The East Aurora eatery is serving up more than just tacos. They have rolled tacos, nachos, burritos and Cali fries.

Nathan and his wife Chelsea opened this shop sort of selfishly--they missed the food!

"Part of me, just being a little homesick, just talking about doing it since my wife and I moved from Southern California to Buffalo," Nathan explained. "And the opportunity came up."

It is a simple menu with simple, bright ingredients, Nathan explained. You can order tacos or tortas with your desired protein and then dress it up with their salsa bar.

They have vegetarian and vegan options, too.

If you would rather they make the decisions for you, you can pick from their "Especiales" menu. They have a baja fish taco with beer battered fish, pico de gallo and chili garlic hot sauce.

They also, of course, have the California burrito.

"So just like Buffalo, every bar has their chicken wing, every San Diego taco shop has their California burrito," Nathan said.

To wash it all down, they have jarritos, or Mexican soda.

For the daring dessert eater, they also have Mexican lollipops: Mango or watermelon flavored suckers. They are covered in chili pepper!

Nathan said they have been surprised by the number of people homesick for this food, just like them.

"We are a true San Diego Style taco shop," Nathan explained. "If you took this place and put it in some strip mall in San Diego, it'd probably fit right in. Wouldn't miss a beat."

It may be your everyday eats in Southern California but in a Western New York Strip Mall, it is a Unique Eats.

Left Coast is open Tuesdays through Saturdays for lunch and dinner. They are located at 602 Oakwood Ave., East Aurora, NY 14052.