BUFFALO, N.Y. — A hometown actor who's made it big on the stage and screen is back in town to talk to the next generation.

Jesse L Martin is the main speaker at the Buffalo State College commencement ceremony on Saturday. 

Martin is a Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts graduate, who you might know from Law and Order, Rent, or his current role on The Flash.

He called the opportunity to come back and talk "a dream come true," but more so he's most happy to be back here for the food.

"There's food here that you will never see. Nobody knows what beef on weck is," said Martin. "You say that to people anywhere outside of New York or this area, and they're like 'what?' Like beef on weck. I don't care what anybody says, Buffalo has the best pizza anywhere I've ever been. I mean when you're talking about Bocce's and La Nova and, I mean, c' mon."

Jesse actually took classes decades ago at the College Learning Laboratory on campus. He got a chance to walk around and visit the campus on Friday.

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