Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright made a bold move Sunday night.

Wright found himself stranded at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport Sunday, so instead of waiting for the next available flight and taking the chance of being late to a voluntary practice Monday, Wright took an Uber.

"He got into the car, and I started the trip. I saw it's New York's Buffalo. I'm like okay, but I promised this guy I have to take him there, so I'm like you know what...let's hit the road," said driver Hadi Abdollahian.

Hadi had no idea who Wright was until asking why he needed to get to Buffalo became a conversation starter. Eventually, Wright explained he plays for the Buffalo Bills.

Wright needed to be at practice by 7:00 a.m., and after an eight hour car ride, Hadi dropped him off at One Bills Drive at 6:58 a.m.

"That was my best trip ever, and at the end of it, I dropped him off, he gave me $300, and said just, I really appreciate it, you saved my life, and we said goodbye," Hadi said.

That $300 tip was a game changer for Hadi, who is currently saving money for college. Hadi was laid off from a tech job last August, and that's how he got into driving for Uber. He had explained to Wright during the trip that he was a refugee and was making a life for himself from scratch.

"I really need the money for the rent of course. ...but I really appreciate that tip. It was great. great of him, nice of him," Hadi said.

According to Tamerat Berhe, Wright's agent, the 550-mile trip cost Wright $932.08, which included a $300 tip.

Wright apparently called Hadi later in the day to thank him again and check in.

"Now we are friends. He called and asked me how is everything, how did you get to Chicago, how is Uber And I was asking about the practice. It feels so glad. I'm just glad that it happened," Hadi said.

Wednesday night

If you forgot (you probably haven't), Uber is not available in Upstate New York until June 29, which makes Wright's trip even more strange.

Wright tweeted out a screenshot of the trip receipt.