BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A substantial crowd gathered for a peaceful rally at Niagara Square Saturday afternoon to show their support for the Paris Accord.

The gathering was organized following President Trump's announcement that the U.S. will withdraw from the international pact to adopt green energy sources and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to Climate Change.

Community leaders were among those who gathered for the rally to affirm they believe Climate Change is a real and serious threat. Attendees included County Executive Marc Poloncarz and Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. Attendees were also from various local organizations, including March for Science and the WNY Peace Center.

"We're not gonna surrender," Hochul said at the rally. "We are going to stand together and take the initiative in our own hands, and say that we as a state will continue to meet the standards set forth by the Paris Accord. There are over 200 nations that believe we should fight to save the future of our planet, and if our entire country under President Trump will not do it, then the state of New York will stand and join together."

Mayor Brown also made his stance on the Paris Accords known. He announced that the City Hall Dome will be lit green in solidarity with other cities in the U.S. who have committed to follow measures set forth in the Paris Accord.