BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Buffalo Common Council President, Darius Pridgen, says he is fed up with the millions of dollars in overdue bills to the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority.

The comptroller's office says the BMHA owes the city $4.2 million. The tab goes back as far as 2005.

Over $3 million of the past due amount comes from the Marine Drive apartment complex for unpaid natural gas and water bills.

At today's common council finance committee meeting, Pridgen expressed his frustration that these unpaid bills have lingered for years.

"I really don't have the strength or the patience to go through this exercise again and again. I think there needs to be one person from the city, one person from BMHA, who are assigned to work together to pull all of his together. Put a deadline on it, ordered by the council, and get this thing done," Pridgen said.

Housing Authority officials immediately agreed to Pridgen's quick-fix proposal.

The city and BMHA are expected back in a month with a plan to resolve the unpaid bills.