BUFFALO, N.Y. — Doesn't it seem like the last month or so has been windier than usual?

According to Storm Team 2's Patrick Hammer, yes, it has been.

Since February 1, the last 40 days, Buffalo has had 16 days with 30-plus mph winds, so 40 percent of those days have been that windy.

Buffalo has also had eight days with winds over 40 mph and five days, including Sunday, with winds over 50 mph.

You may ask why. Well, it's purely the storm track. The lows that have been passing by have been to our north and west. A perfect track to bring sustained winds around here on at 30 or 40 mph, but at times gusting to 50 even almost 70 mph.

This low track is the fuel for these winds that Western New York saw time and time again, and it's likely that we may see more before the spring season really kicks in.


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