BUFFALO, N.Y. — Overall, Thursday's weather will feel very raw. Air temperatures will be in the 40s, but factoring in wind and rain from the lake showers, it will likely feel more like the upper 30s for many. Showers will be most numerous this morning with showers diminishing a bit by this evening.

Over the past two days we have received rain by two different processes. First of all an area of low pressure itself generated clouds and a widespread shield of rain yesterday and again today. However at times when the larger system loses its impact, a flow of cool air over a relatively warm it lake can bring lake effect rain showers. These rain showers behave like lake effect snow bands and can wander from one location to another and are rather focused.

There’s also something called lake enhanced rain and that is a combination of both processes. Rain will be generated by an area of low pressure but it will be enhanced by wind coming off either Lake Ontario or Lake Erie making the rain a little heavier and more persistent

Winds Thursday will gust from the northwest up to 35 mph. That's likely not strong enough to cause any damage, but it will certainly make the day feel raw. 

Friday will be drier but clouds will linger. The weekend is looking brighter and milder.