Buffalo, NY -- Many horses are getting another chance at a horse rescue center in Wyoming County.

"We go to livestock auctions and we purchase draft horses, or what's been happening lately is people are surrendering their draft horses to us," said Lida Mosovich, President of Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue in Varysburg. "And what we do is rehabilitate, retrain and re-home them."

Mosovich says the weather this fall has actually made things harder on them, including the recent flooding rains and the up and down temperatures.

"A lot of rain wreaks havoc on horses' hooves, infections on the bottom of the hoof. All that moisture into their hoof and then the infection festers, so he (Titan) is actually in a boot," Mosovich explained. "Late August, early September, they are already shedding out their summer coat and their winter coat is coming in. So when you have extreme heat that comes in, and they already have their winter coats in, you actually have to be very careful with them that they don't overheat."

Thankfully it will stay colder soon and the rain will change to snow.