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What were those 2 bright objects in the night sky?

With a more clear sky Wednesday evening, Western New Yorkers were able to view these two bright planets in such close proximity.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Those two bright objects in the night sky Wednesday?

That's Jupiter and Venus, and this is the closest these two planets will appear in the night sky until 2032. 

As Jupiter and Venus orbit the sun, their position in our night sky on Earth will bring the two planets in close viewing proximity Wednesday night. Jupiter will appear to shift westward, while Venus will appear to shift eastward. This process is called a conjunction, when two planets or other celestial bodies pass one another in their orientation in the night sky. 

Clouds were clear enough Wednesday night to see this event just after sunset. The planets will also be in closer proximity too Thursday night, but clouds will likely block the view for Western New York.

And with these planets being two of the brightest we typically see in the night sky, it should be quite the show!


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