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Where has the sun been this January?

Going back 30 days, there have been only 3 days that have featured some sun.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — This January has featured two, very long stretches of gray weather interrupted by a brief weekend of partial sun.

Those two days in mid-January were the only two days with sunshine during the entire month. 

In fact, going back 30, days there have been only three days that have featured some sun.

Going back further still dating back to December 1 there has only been 11 days featuring some sunshine. That is 11 out of 58 days have had some sun. Another way to look at it is 80% of our days since 1 December have been gray.

The outlook is not looking too promising as clouds will last through the weekend and perhaps through next week as colder air pours across an ice-free Lake Erie keeping clouds and snow showers around.

Credit: wgrz

Happy Friday! Hope you find ways to stay energized and happy this weekend, because Mother Nature isn’t going to help. Patrick tallied up the number of days with sun lately, and the numbers are, well… sad.

Posted by Melissa Holmes- WGRZ on Friday, January 27, 2023

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