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Why is the sky so hazy in WNY right now?

Wildfires 1,800 miles away bringing colorful sunrises and sunsets
Credit: WGRZ

BUFFALO, N.Y. — It's hard not to notice our very colorful sunrises and sunsets recently, as well as the hazy skies during the day. 

There is smoke high up in the atmosphere that is causing the vibrant colors in the sky.

Earlier this month, a large number of wildfires broke out in Alberta, Canada, near Edmonton. Those fires continue to burn, and there almost 500 separate wildfires that have burned nearly 850,000 acres. 

The position of upper level winds have taken the smoke that has been lofted into the atmosphere southeastward over central Canada and into the Great Lakes region including right here in WNY. 

The smoke is high up in the atmosphere and does not cause any health concerns, but it does take the deep blue color out of our sky during the day. The smoke is expected to linger through tomorrow, but hopefully will push south of the area on Wednesday as a cold front moves through.

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