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Facebook group aims to help those stranded in WNY

The group is "Buffalo Blizzard 2022," and it has been used to help people since Snovember 2014.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — First responders can't get to people who are stuck and so the community is stepping up to help. It's all about getting the basic things we all need to survive to those who are stuck. 

There is a Facebook group called 'Buffalo Blizzard 2022.' It's been used in previous storms too. 

So many people are sharing scary situations tonight: babies stuck in cars with their parents, people stuck who are low on gas, in one case first responders couldn't get to a baby who was on a ventilator who has since been helped thanks to neighbors stepping up.  

Adapt WNY at 273 Ridge Road in Lackawanna also posted how to get into their building for those who are nearby and stuck. 

2 On Your Side was told a family with small children is now using it for shelter, so if you know anyone stuck in that area, tell them to go to that building. The door code is 88334770 at the entrance. 

Samantha Churley, who works at Adapt WNY, says it's heartbreaking. 

"Beyond. It really puts things into perspective. It's Christmas. We get so bogged down with gifts but these people are just trying to survive. Babies? It tears me up," Churley said. 

"Anything can happen. This is fatal conditions without food, water, warmth. It's really the simplest thing you can do to save somebody."

Carraugh Nowak lives in Snyder and is extending her home to others who don't have power and live nearby. 

Her husband and some neighbors are also helping neighbors anyway they can. That includes taking care of pets for people who are out of town.  

"There are a lot of people out there struggling right now. I know they can't get power, can't get to their cars, can't get out of their houses, so I know there's a lot going on. So I'm hopeful that because we live in a city that's such a wonderful place, that they're going to get the help they need," Nowak said.

The National Guard is also in town to help people out. 

The phone number to call is 716-585-SNOW.

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