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C & C Cutz Barbershop gives shelter to neighbors during the blizzard

Owner Craig Elston says the first person to knock on his business' door said they would have died in a few more minutes if he had not opened the door.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Craig Elston, owner of C & C Cutz, opened the doors to his business on Fillmore Avenue to anyone needing it during the blizzard. 

He was working that Friday morning when started hearing knocking on the door. 

"Around 8 or 9, I had a few people knock on the door. The first guy was an Arabic guy. When he knocked on the door, you could tell that he was cold, and I didn't know the blizzard at the time was that serious," Elston said. 

"I knew it was a whiteout. I knew the weather was bad, but when he knocked on the door, I opened the door, and the first thing he his first few words were, 'If you didn't open the door for me, in a few minutes I would've died.' "

Elston decided to post a video to social media and invite others over if they needed a place to stay. 

The barbershop was one of the few places open in the neighborhood that day, and it turns out a lot of people did need a place to stay. He estimates about 40 people showed up.

They turned the chairs into makeshift beds or slept in a back room.

Elston's guests would go in groups to a local corner store that was open for food. 

"I didn't look at it as me being a hero. I think anybody in my position that had access to heat, lights, and shelter would have opened it up. I'm not going to leave anybody in the cold," Elston said. 

"The best answer I can give you is that in a time of need, when people are dying, we should come together. That's how I was raised by my grandmother. You know what I mean? Look out for thy neighbor. Look out for your neighbor and that's all I did."

Those neighbors he helped were so grateful, that most of them sent Elston thank you cards to show their appreciation.

Elston has also started a GoFundMe.

He plans to use the money for supplies, for the next time there's a bad storm in Buffalo and people show up. 

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