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Buffalo History Museum starts preserving stories of Blizzard of 2022

A website has been created for you to submit your memories through various media platforms.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Buffalo History Museum has begun collecting photos, videos, objects, and audio testimonials from the Blizzard of 2022.

According to Brian Hayden, the museum's director of communications and community development, all media and artifacts collected from the community will be preserved in the museum’s archives. 

This new collection will be available for research and reference, and may be used for future projects, exhibits and programs at the museum.

"Blizzards leave an indelible mark on our collective memory," Hayden told WGRZ-TV. "We would love for Buffalo to share its photos, its videos, its audio testimonials and stories regarding, 'Where were you in the blizzard of 2022?' "

You're invited

Already the museum has launched a website where those who wish to participate can upload photos, videos, audio testimony, and even written recollections. "We're accepting all of it," Hayden said.

They're also accepting objects associated with the blizzard, which obviously can't be submitted on line, and which are something he admits can be tricky.

"We don't know exactly what we're looking for until we find it," explained Hayden, who noted further that objects being submitted should have a story associated with them.

For example, the scarf you wore to keep warm while venturing out to shovel snow might not be considered. However, a scarf that was used to swaddle a baby born in a stranded car would entirely different.

"This is where the object becomes a window into that extraordinary historical event," Hayden said.

All object donation inquiries should be directed to Walter Mayer, senior director of collections, at wmayer@buffalohistory.org.

Nice timing

History is fraught with delicious irony, and there's some here in terms of the timing of this project.

"We're launching this initiative just days away from the anniversary of the Blizzard of 77, which those who lived through it continue to talk about to this day," Hayden said.

Credit: WGRZ-TV

A role they are proud to play

The museum is well aware that curious souls of the future will be able to google more than they might care to know about the Blizzard of 2022.

However, that doesn't diminish the role of the museum, and nor should it according to Hayden.

"We are the community archive and we are the safe keeper of the Buffalo story ... what we lived through last month was truly history in the making, and it's our responsibility at the museum to make sure that we document that history so future generations can better understand it," he said.

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