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October's Hunter's Moon visible over Buffalo Wednesday

The seasonal full moon follows the "Harvest Moon" viewed in September.

BUFFALO, N.Y. β€” October's full Hunter's Moon rose Tuesday evening and will still be full through Wednesday night. The nickname comes from the seasonal activity Native Americans would plan each fall to get ready for the winter ahead.  

The Hunter's Moon also follows September's full Harvest Moon, and you can probably guess why it was named that based on this month's namesake. A harvest and hunt under two of fall's full moon's. 

And technically speaking, the moon is only nearly full. For Buffalo, the moon will be at its fullest relative to us Tuesday and Wednesday night, around 99.7 percent full. It reaches its peak when it's past moonset, which means the moon is not visible and under the horizon. And that is around 10:58 a.m. E.T Wednesday.

And this year the full moon coincides with the peak of the Orionid Meteor Shower. But because of this, this meteor shower will not be nearly as visible as it usually is with the brightness of the full moon in the sky at the same time. 

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