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November Weather Recap: Somewhat Average

After several months of recording setting weather in some capacity, this November will end up being a reprieve from the previous trend.
Credit: WGRZ

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Leading up to this November, Buffalo experienced the warmest August on record and third warmest October on record for the city. Plus, November of 2020 ended up being the six warmest on record for Buffalo with an average monthly temperature of 46.5 degrees, tied with 2011. 

And even though this November's average temperature will likely be warmer than average, it's not by much. In fact, it looks like this November could be one of the most "average months" weather wise Western New York has experienced in a while. 

As of Tuesday evening, November's average temperature (combining all the observed morning lows and afternoon highs) is 42.5 degrees. That's only 1.3 degrees above the climatological average of 41.2 degrees. At this rate, and with the forecast for the last days of the month, this November won't climb too high or fall too much to make it record breaking temperature wise. 

However, we did approach some record daily high temperatures on Nov. 17 and 18 when temperatures reached 66 degrees each day. Mind you, they were at that mark before and after Midnight on each day with the weather system overhead that day. On the flip side, no morning low dropped too far that could make it close to a record cold day. 

As for precipitation, monthly rainfall stands at 3.10 inches with monthly snowfall at 4.8 inches. Both are below average for the month but not substantially. 

Seems right at the month was off to a slow start in terms of snow. The first snowflakes didn't arrive in Buffalo until November 3, about a week and a half late of the climatological average for the city. The first snow accumulations occurred ten days later on November 13.