Buffalo, NY — It's the busiest time of year for places selling Christmas trees, from local Christmas tree lots to tree growing farms.

"This year the weather has been tremendous," said Jerry Saab, the president of the Western New York Christmas Tree Farmers Association. Saab also owns Kathie and Jerry's Christmas Tree Farm in Angola.

"Trees that are available this year are having a good season," he said.

Jerry says locally the trees are growing very well, and says some Christmas tree lots are having to work a little harder to get out of state trees this year.

"Some of the guys that don't grow their own have had to look a little harder and a little further... [from] weather, supply and demand," Saab said.

"Little over 800 trees now," said Frank Spagnuolo, the Operations Manager at Grabber & Sons Nursery & Landscaping in Cheektowaga.

Its Christmas tree lot has actually expanded from all the trees coming in from out of state.

"Book ours ahead of time with the tree growers so we are kind of guaranteed the certain amount we require per year." Spagnuolo said.

He says they are now using two tree growers, from North Carolina and Pennsylvania, to ensure they get a good supply of trees each year.

"Have a couple places, that way we don't have a shortage, have a backup plan," Spagnuolo said.