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July 2020 was Buffalo's warmest month on record

It broke a record that stood for 99 years. Several other temperature records were set along the way.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — July 2020 is surely one to remember when it comes to the heat. The month is now officially Buffalo's hottest on record and records go all the way back to 1873. The previous record for hottest month has stood for nearly a century.

This comes just 5 years after the coldest month on record was recorded in Buffalo in February of 2015.

Friday's high temperature reached 85 degrees at the Buffalo Airport, which is 5 degrees above average for the date. That means every day of this month, except one, had a high temperature at or above the average for the date. 

After a record-breaking heat wave earlier this month, Buffalo remained very warm nearly every day this month with only one day, July 13th, having a high temperature below average.

The warmest July and month on record for Buffalo was set in 1921, which had an average monthly temperature of 76.2 degrees. This year, from July 1st though the 30th, the average temperature is 77.6 degrees, placing it as the warmest month on record by a very wide margin. The average daily temperature is a culmination of a day's high and low temperature.

Here are the other record-breaking moments from the past month:

First, the record for consecutive, 90 + degree days was broken from July 3rd through 10th with 8 days. During this time, the hottest temperature recorded in 67 years occurred on July 9th when it reached 98 degrees, hence breaking the day's record high temperature. Daily high temperatures were also tied or broken on July 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th. Tallying it all up, at least 6 heat-related records have been broken in Buffalo this July. 

And back to July 9th, that day also marked the hottest temperature ever recorded in the month of July and is the second hottest temperature ever recorded in Buffalo. It hit 99 degrees back in 1948. 

Air temperatures weren't the only record-breakers either. The very hot, dry start to the month pushed Lake Erie's water temperatures to new highs too. Over the past month, 10 days had the lake temperature near Buffalo tie or break the previous daily record. The average water temperature for the whole month was 4 degrees higher than the normal average for July.

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