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January weather recap: Yes, it was as cloudy as you remember

While temperatures were generally well above average for January standards, it's the cloudiness many will remember.
Credit: WGRZ

BUFFALO, N.Y. — January of 2023 featured above-average temperatures, below-average snowfall, and, most notably, many cloudy days. January was also the first month since November without a major winter storm impacting Buffalo.

First up, temperatures. The average high temperature this month was 36.9 degrees with an average low of 28.6 degrees. Specifically for the low temperatures, which are about 10 degrees above the monthly average low of 19 degrees.  

Now the average temperature experienced this January was 33 degrees. This ties 2020 for the 9th warmest January on record in Buffalo

As for snowfall, generally, it was a well below-average month with only 14.7 inches of snow falling in Buffalo throughout January. And most of that snow fell within the last two weeks of the month. Prior to January 20th, only 1.1 inches of accumulative snow fell within the first 20 days of the month. And all of that fell on January 13th. 

But since, it has snowed every day in Buffalo from January 20th through the 31st. The most snow this month fell on January 27th with 5.9 inches of snow accumulating throughout the day. That also set a new daily snowfall record for the city for the date too. 

Finally, the cloudiness. Yes, January was as cloudy and dreary as it seemed. 28 of the 31 days of the month were recorded as either mostly cloudy or overcast. That leaves only 3 days that were either mostly sunny to partly cloudy: January 15, 16, and 31. 

Not one completely clear day was seen this past month, or even in December. The last clear day in Buffalo was technically November 26, 2022.

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