BUFFALO, N.Y. — A couple of very hot days are on the way for Buffalo and Western New York, with the possibility of this technically becoming a heat wave.

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A heat wave is defined as having temperatures at 90° or higher for three consecutive days. 

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There is a chance that we achieve that number, but it is not a guarantee as Sunday’s highs may be a little bit cooler than the 90° temps we're expected to get on Friday and Saturday.

Dating back to 1873, Buffalo has technically had 25 heat waves. 

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The longest heat wave was in July 1988 when Buffalo recorded seven consecutive days in the 90s. Two other years had five consecutive 90° days and that was in July, 1963 and August, 1947.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Buffalo was 98°.  That occurred in August 1948 which was in the middle of a three-day stretch of 90° heat.