BUFFALO, N.Y. — The weather on Sunday and for Monday will be warm, but with very low humidity levels. 

However, that will be changing in the coming days as humidity levels really begin to rise. 

In fact, the kind of humidity being experienced right now in places like Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia will be heading into Western New York beginning Tuesday and taking us right through the Fourth of July holiday. 

The measure of humidity is best shown in a dew point temperature. 

Dew point temperatures this time of the year are normally in the 40s and 50s, and are very comfortable. When dew points start getting into the 60s and maybe even 70° range, that is when you really feel the humidity and that will be the case around here.

By tomorrow dew points could approach 70°. This is something to watch as we go through the week as humidity levels will stay high and when combined with temperatures in the mid-upper 80s that could cause  heat index values well into the 90s and heat advisories may be issued later this week. Stay tuned.