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Heather’s Weather Whys: Earth Day turns 50

For the past 50 years, April 22 has been known as Earth Day. Learn the backstory and get some Earth Day-at home ideas in this week’s Heather’s Weather Whys.
Credit: NASA

Earth Day is all about taking action to help make our planet a healthier, greener place to live.

It began in 1970 among protests of the industrial revolution. Since then, it’s become a worldwide effort to keep our planet healthy while raising awareness of how carelessness can cause great harm to our home.

Many of us can probably remember celebrating Earth Day in elementary school by learning about recycling or maybe helping to plant something in a school garden. Perhaps some of us have volunteered to help clean up a park or a nearby beach.

Some of these more traditional Earth Day activities aren’t an option right now because of social distancing practices, but there are still plenty of things you can do to help the Earth from your home.

Watch this week’s Heather’s Weather Whys for some ideas you and your family can think about as Earth Day turns 50!

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