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Heather’s Weather Whys: Buffalo’s front seat to the 2024 total solar eclipse

In 2017 Western New Yorkers got to experience part of a total solar eclipse. In exactly four years, Buffalo will have the best seat on the planet for the next one.
Credit: WGRZ

In exactly four years, that’s April 8, 2024, Buffalo will be one of the best places to be on the entire planet to witness the next total solar eclipse.

Many will remember our experience in 2017; the last total solar eclipse to pass over North America. The sky was crystal clear and thousands gathered to see the shadow of the moon block out 77 percent of the sun’s disk. The lighting dimmed a bit, and the temperature dropped a few degrees. 

But we were hundreds of miles from what astronomers call the “path of totality.” The nearest city that was in that path was Nashville, Tennessee.

But the next total solar eclipse is fast approaching and this time, there’s no need to book any travel out of Buffalo. That’s because the path of totality will pass right over the city.

Credit: WGRZ

In this week’s Heather’s Weather Whys, Heather lays out the timing of the event and what you can expect to see, feel and maybe even hear. Of course, if the weather cooperates!

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