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Are you scared? Here are the most haunted spots in Western New York

Cataloging Buffalo and Western New York's ghost stories is a ghoulish task but one we're taking a stab at with this collection of Most Haunted locations.
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Halloween creepy house with bats and red light from the windows, Halloween theme

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Cataloging Buffalo and Western New York's ghost stories is a ghoulish task, but it's one that 2 On Your Side is taking a stab at with this collection of Western New York's Most Haunted.

Van Horn Mansion

For nearly two centuries, the Van Horn Mansion has stood as a landmark in Newfane. Its builder and first resident was a pioneer and entrepreneur. James Van Horn made a fortune from his orchard, factory, saw mill and other businesses. His mansion, which can be found along Lockport Olcott Road in Niagara County, is a living legacy, but also a home to the departed.

Rolling Hills Asylum

The Rolling Hills Asylum opened as the county poor house in 1827, and just over a decade later it became the county infirmary. It's been home to widows, children, families, and criminals, many of whom have never left.

Marjim Manor

Visitors to this historic Niagara County home come for the wine -- and spirits. It's now known as the Winery at Marjim Manor, but this picturesque, white, windowed home has a much darker history. 

Riviera Theatre

The Riviera Theatre, showplace of the Tonawandas. For parts of 10 decades, it has been a home to theater, concerts and the Mighty Wurlitzer; and looked after for nearly as long by a young spirit.

The Red Coach Inn

The Red Coach Inn has been a destination for those traveling to visit the wondrous Niagara Falls for decades. But does a mysterious specter roam the hallways of the historic inn? You decide.

The Hobgoblin of Fort Niagara

Fort Niagara has seen all kinds of heroism and tragedy in its 330-plus years of existence. The watchful protectors of the historic fort tell tales of spirits and former soldiers still watching over the ground of battle and triumph.


Niagara-On-The-Lake is known for being a destination for those looking for fine wine and incredible theater. But do ghosts of the town's past lurk in the shadows and hallways of its historic buildings?

The Hellhounds of Boston

Have you heard the howls in the hills of Boston, New York? Legend suggests it's hellhounds, haunting the land as a punishment for grave robbers. Is it a myth? Or have you heard the howls at night?

The Statler Building

The Statler Hotel was an iconic stop for those traveling in and out of Buffalo during its heyday in the early 20th Century. Hundreds of rooms, hundreds of stories. Some of those stories have happy endings, others don't. Those stories now linger in the halls of the renovated building and as one of WNY's most haunted.

The Sea Serpents 

Does Nessie have a cousin that lurks the waters of Western New York? From tales of sightings in Lake Ontario to a landlocked pond in the small town of Alabama, for generations, people think they've seen a sea serpent hiding beneath the shadows of WNY's Most Haunted.

Niagara Street

Niagara Street sits in along the mighty Niagara River, a constant flow of water rushing at remarkable speeds. Now Buffalo, the street sits on the remains of Black Rock, a town that was burned down twice during the War of 1812. It has a litany of stories and spirits that allegedly roam the streets.

The Stone Giants

Modern folklore refers to the mystical creature of the woodlands as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. The Native American tribes of Western New York knew them by a different name, Stone Giants.  

High Hat

A tall shadowy figure haunted the engineers that built the Kinzua Dam on Native American territory. Legend has it he wore a tall hat, had a beard, and razor-sharp teeth. But he was no stranger to these lands. Native Americans in Western New York knew of the legend that was High Hat for generations, as well as his alleged cannibalistic tendencies.

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