AMHERST, N.Y. — Drivers in the northtowns -- take notice.

The speed limit is changing along a portion of Niagara Falls Boulevard.

Ongoing safety concerns prompted New York State officials to lower the speed limit from 45, down to 40 MPH from the 290 up north to the Niagara County line.

The recommendation is part of a comprehensive corridor study of Niagara Falls Boulevard.  

Community members, local and state leaders called on NYSDOT to make pedestrian safety improvements on the state road after numerous pedestrian crashes, including six pedestrian fatalities in the past five years.  

Crews started installing the new speed limit signs Tuesday morning.  

Work will continue for a couple more days. The state asks folks safely move over when they see those workers.

The report also recommends more enhanced signage, restricting turning right on red, and possibly relocating some bus stops.

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