BUFFALO, N.Y. — We're one step closer to a major project in Buffalo's Allentown neighborhood -- the widening of Allen Street.

It all started Monday with work underground to a waterline between Main Street and Delaware Avenue.

That should take a couple of weeks. 

The first block that's going to see the reconstruction of the actual widening of the road is between Main Street and North Pearl right by the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

And that's expected to start next month.

Then, crews will go block by block from Main to Delaware widening the road and putting in bike lanes, lighting, trees, and benches, totally changing the look here.

This work -- at a cost of $5 million -- could go all year.  

"We'll work with all the festivals who use Allen Street the Allentown Art Festival is the biggest in the city and our special events office is very good at working through what works best for the various events," said Michael Finn, the city's acting public works commissioner. 

But, some businesses are concerned about parking and road closures. 

Caffeology is in the first block that will see construction.

"They're talking six weeks and six weeks that block so that's three months that I'm going to have half the business that I should have," said Hamada Saleh, the owner of Caffeology.

REPORTER: When they say that timeline for you what goes through your mind as a business owner? 

"I'm glad it's not June, July or August, September they are our busiest months," Saleh said.

He hopes redoing Allen will bring more business.

"So you take a little loss for 2-3 months then you gain extra revenue in the summer I hope it balances out," Saleh said. 

There are plans to rebuild Allen from Delaware to Wadsworth Street, but the city is still looking for $4 million for this part of the project.

There was an engineering firm at 19 Allen Street answering questions from anyone who has concerns about the project.

Both that firm and the city say that they want to hear from residents and businesses about any impacts this project may have so that they can address any concerns. 

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